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September 29, 2008



i know what you mean. I had the same problem when i started blogging and my mom called me out on some rather revealing personal entries (hard to stay away from 'telling the world" when you feel that way isn't it? now i just bite my hands to keep from typing intimacies to the people out there that really shouldn't know such things) --so anyway, i revised the blog. I themed it and stuck with that theme. though i get a little personal still, my posts are all related to life in new york, new york experiences, thoughts, and i try to veil personal stuff in well-written poetic phrases instead (: if i still find myself writing something too revelatory for the general public (esp friends/fam), i'll post it as private, it gets the writing out which is at least halfway satisfying.

ok, don't know if you wanted to know all that but, well, you know, mom was right.

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