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April 09, 2007



Hi there,
Thank you for sharing this. I find it fascinating. It sounds like a more rounded version of camping, something I have never been great at ;). How long do you think you will stay in the yome ? And what made you decide to live there instead of renting ? I am really interested in this subject so I am sorry if I am being too nosy.


i too am so fascinated... bathroom? shower? how does that work? do you have bears where you are, thinking of the food set up. can't wait to learn more about this. thanks for sharing.

Kimberley C

Hi! Can you give me the # or email address for Red Sky? I cannot open the site!!!

I would love to know how much this cost you w/ insulation & decking. I need one for a guest house for ME!! I'm in a wheelchair & have to give up my apt which is too expensive - I will rent a lot from a friend in the country. I love roughing it & your article was inspiring & great! Thanks, Kimberley C in Kings Mtn, NC

Crystal Clear Headlights

Hi! I never would have thought someone else would live like this. I like your lifestyle being it simple yet still extravagant.

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